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District Court Grants Motion to Dismiss Forfeiture Complaint

That article discusses the May 24, 2024, decision by the United States District Court for the Southern District of California denying Qualcomm's motion to dismiss. It outlines how the district court in Qualcomm addressed and overruled arguments seeking to dismiss six substantive causes of action based on allegations asserting the misuse of plan forfeitures and the court's conclusion that the plaintiff in that case had plausibly alleged violations of ERISA.

Source:, July 2024

Why Chevron Reversal May Make Retirement's "Most Cautious" Players More Risk-Averse

In late June, the Supreme Court struck down the so-called Chevron doctrine through a decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. The overturning of a longstanding standard of deference to federal agencies may make those in the already cautious 401k plan industry all the more "plain vanilla," according to experts.

Source:, July 2024

Insurers Respond to DOL to Forward Fiduciary Rule Lawsuit

A group of insurers seeking to halt the DOL's Retirement Security Rule from taking effect has responded to a counter-filing by the regulator alleging that "changes" the department made from a 2016 fiduciary proposal are not enough to make the 2024 proposal viable.

Source:, July 2024

401k Investors Benefit as Mutual Fund Fees Cut in Half

The latest research from the Investment Company Institute shows that 401k plan participants have incurred substantially lower fees for holding mutual funds over the past two decades, offering them higher returns and higher balances in retirement. From 2000 to 2023, the average equity mutual fund expense ratio paid by 401k investors dropped by more than half.

Source:, July 2024

The New Fiduciary Rule: The Fiduciary Acknowledgment

The Impartial Conduct Standards and the Fiduciary Acknowledgment disclosure are effective September 23, 2024. The remaining conditions in the PTEs are effective on September 23, 2025. This article discusses the fiduciary acknowledgment.

Source:, July 2024

The Notion of DC Lifetime Income as a Participant Investment Choice

Having this valuable new and unfamiliar element available as part of a DC plan means developing support mechanisms of all sorts to deliver their value. Grasping this requires understanding a new "language" (and concepts) with which we all must now become accustomed if these programs are to work. The ideas are not complicated, but very unfamiliar to most of us.

Source:, July 2024

Will Multiple Employer Plans Help Close the Coverage Gap?

To encourage small firms to adopt retirement plans, policymakers have made it easier to participate in Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs). But few firms know about MEPs. Also, it's not clear that they do cost less, and any such assessment should consider employee -- as well as employer -- fees. Overall, while MEPs could be attractive, adoption may be slow due to unfamiliarity with the product and uncertainty over any cost advantage.

Source:, July 2024

Lies and Statistics -- What the 401k Data Actually Says: Podcast

Former high-ranking Social Security Administration official and retirement policy gadfly Andrew Biggs joins American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff for a frank discussion about the data fueling the 401k debate. Biggs, a frequent financial media critic of "retirement crisis" sensationalism, explains the retirement readiness disconnect and why we get it so wrong.

Source:, July 2024

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