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The Fiduciary Rules and the Impact on Advisors and Insurance Agents

Take a quick dive into the exciting world of ERISA with Faegre Drinker benefits and executive compensation attorneys Fred Reish and Brad Campbell. In this quick-hit podcast, Fred and Brad look at the new fiduciary rules and their impact on advisors and insurance agents.

Source:, May 2024

Study Reveals How Fiduciary Advice Reduces 401k Plan Costs

Employee Fiduciary has released its latest 401k advisor fee study. The study highlights how fiduciary-grade investment advice can lower the cost of small business 401k plans, making retirement more affordable for plan participants. The study looks at the fees charged by 1,109 fiduciary-grade financial advisors to demonstrate how affordable a small business 401k plan can be with fiduciary-grade investment advice.

Source:, May 2024

Nine Insurance Trade Groups File Suit Against DOL's New Fiduciary Proposal

The DOL went into the Memorial Day weekend with a fresh lawsuit seeking to undo its Retirement Security Rule filed by nine insurance trade associations. The associations filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which is within the jurisdiction of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The associations cited the Fifth Circuit in the complaint because several years ago the court overturned a prior rule DOL intended to change the definition of what it means to give fiduciary advice for retirement investments.

Source:, May 2024

Senators Introduce Bill to Boost Small Biz Retirement Plan Start-up Credit

Legislation that would make it easier for small businesses to fully cover the administrative costs of starting a retirement plan for their employees was introduced in the US Senate this week by a bipartisan pair of senators.

Source:, May 2024

South Carolina 401k Plan Smacked With Excessive Fee Suit

Another multi-billion-dollar 401k plan has been sued for what are allegedly excessive fees by a firm not previously noted in this genre. The suit alleges that, rather than acting for the exclusive benefit of the Sonoco Plan and its participants and beneficiaries, the defendants "allowed the Sonoco Plan's recordkeeper to receive excessive compensation for the services it provided."

Source:, May 2024

Humana Prevails in Excessive Fee Suit

Evidence of a prudent process -- and a lack of valid comparator plans -- produced a win in federal court for the fiduciary defendants of a $6.5 billion plan in an excessive fee suit. The suit was filed four years ago. The claims were pretty vanilla for the genre, alleging that the plan fiduciaries breached the duties they owed to the plan, to plaintiffs, and the other participants of the plan.

Source:, May 2024

Annual Fee Benchmarking

Each year, the Multnomah Group gathers fee data from the different providers their clients utilize as recordkeepers for their plans. They compile the information and produce a report outlining the fees paid for recordkeeping the plan and benchmark those fees against peer group ranges. This 42-minute fee benchmarking webinar covers: The importance of fee benchmarking. Notable key results from the 2023 data. Understanding peer group range. What to do if plan expenses are above the peer group range. The benefits of a full vendor search. Identifying other areas where recordkeepers could generate profits from your plan.

Source:, May 2024

DOL Publishes QPAM Exemption Amendments: Action Items and Considerations for QPAMs, Plan Sponsors

The DOL published final amendments to Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption 84-14, the so-called "QPAM Exemption," in the Federal Register on April 3, 2024. The amendments are anticipated to affect certain financial institutions that manage assets of employee benefits plans subject to ERISA, but as discussed here, these rules also impact plan sponsors and investing fiduciaries.

Source:, May 2024

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