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Retirement Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations

Like many industries, the retirement profession is acronym and abbreviation crazy. We have compiled this list of the more common acronyms and abbreviations to help those who are not familiar with their meaning.

ABPT = Average Benefit Percentage Test

ABT = Average Benefits Test

ACA = Automatic Contribution Arrangement

ACP = Actual/Average Contribution Percentage

ADP = Actual/Average Deferral Percentage

ADR = Actual Deferral Ratio

AIF = Accredited Investment Fiduciary

AIFA = Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst

AGI = Adjusted Gross Income

ANPR = Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

ARP = Association Retirement Plan

ATRA = American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

BD = Broker Dealers

BIC = Best Interest Contract

BICE = Best Interest Contract Exemption

BOPY = Beginning of Plan Year

CAA = Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021

CEBS = Certified Employee Benefits Specialist

CFA = Chartered Financial Analyst

CFP = Certified Financial Planner

ChFC = Chartered Financial Consultant

CIA = Certified Internal Auditor

CIMA = Certified Investment Management Analyst

CIO = Chief Investment Officer

CIT = Collective Investment Trust

CLU = Chartered Life Underwriter

CMT = Chartered Market Technician

COBRA = Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

CODA = Cash or Deferred Arrangement

COLA = Cost of Living Adjustment

CPA = Certified Public Accountant

CPC = Certified Pension Consultant

CRA = Certified Retirement Administrator

CRC = Certified Retirement Counselor

CRO = Chief Retirement Officer

CRSP = Certified Retirement Services Professional

CSP = Covered Service Provider

CTF = Common Trust Fund

CTPA = Compliance Third Party Administrators

CVA = Certified Valuation Analyst

CVRD = Coronavirus-Related Distributions

DB = Defined Benefit

DB(k) = Defined Benefit 401k combined plan

DC = Defined Contribution

DCIO = Defined Contribution Investment Only

DDQ = Due Diligence Questionnaires

DFVC = Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance program

DIA = Deferred Income Annuity

DIA = Designated Investment Alternative

DOL = Department of Labor

DOMA = Defense of Marriage Act

DPSP = Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

DRA = Deferred Retirement Annuities

DRO = Domestic Relations Order

EACA = Eligible Automatic Contribution Arrangement

EBAR = Equivalent Benefit Accrual Rate

EE = Employee

EESA = Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

EFT = Electronic Fund Transfer

EGTRRA = Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001

EIN = Employer Identification Number

EOPY = End of Plan Year

EPCRS = Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System

EPS = Education Policy Statement

ER = Employer

ERD = Eligible Rollover Distribution

ERISA = Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ERPA = Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent

ESG = Environmental, Social, Ethical and Governance

ESOP = Employee Stock Ownership Plan

ESPP = Employee Stock Purchase Plan

ETF = Exchange Traded Fund

ETI = Economically Targeted Investments

FAB = Field Assistance Bulletin, issued by the U.S. Department of Labor

FDL = Favorable Determination Letter

FIA = Fixed Indexed Annuity

FICA = Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FINRA = Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

FIT = Federal Income Tax

FLMI = Fellow of the Life Management Institute

FSA = Fellow of the Society of Actuaries

FT = Full-Time

GIC = Guaranteed Investment Contract

GIF = Guaranteed Investment Fund

GLIO = Guaranteed Lifetime Income Option

GLWB = Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit

GMWB = Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits

GUST = An acronym that stands for a series of four tax laws that also made changes to how retirement plans operate.

HCE = Highly Compensated Employee

IA = Investment Analyst

IFC = Investment Fiduciary Consulting

IGVS = Investment Grade Value Stocks

IPS = Investment Policy Statement

IQPA = Independent Qualified Public Accountant

IRA = Individual Retirement Account

IRC = Internal Revenue Code

IRR = In-Plan Roth Rollover

IRS = Internal Revenue Service

IRT = In-Plan Roth Transfer

JEPPS = Joint Expert Panel on Pension Standards

KSOP = Combined ESOP and 401k Plan

LIMRA = Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association

LSD = Lump-Sum Distribution

LTPT = Long-Term Part-Time

LVP = Low Volatility Pension Plan

M&P = Master and Prototype

MCIM = Market Cycle Investment Management

MEP = Multiple Employer Plan

MMF = Money Market Fund

MPRA = Multiemployer Pension Reform Act

NAPA = National Association of Plan Advisors

NDCT = Nondiscriminatory Classification Test

NEC = Non-Elective Contribution

NHCE = Non-Highly Compensated Employee

NQDC = Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

NRA = Normal Retirement Age

NUA = Net Unrealized Appreciation

OAR = Outsourced Administrative Responsibilities

OIAI = Once-in-always-in

OPEB = Other Post Employment Benefits

ORP = Optional Retirement Plan

PBGC = Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

PDT = Permissive Disaggregation Test

PEO = Professional Employer Organization

PEP = Pooled Employer Plan

PII = Personally Identifiable Information

PIN = Personal Identification Number

PLR = Private Letter Ruling

PPA = Pension Protection Act of 2006

PPACA = Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

PPP = Pooled Plan Provider

PT = Part-Time

PTE = Prohibited Transaction Exemption

PY = Plan Year

PYE = Plan Year-End

QAB = Quality Assurance Bulletin issued by the IRS

QACA = Qualified Automatic Contribution Arrangement

QBAD = Qualified Birth and Adoption Distribution

QDIA = Qualified Default Investment Alternative

QDRO = Qualified Domestic Relations Order

QJSA = Qualified Joint And Survivor Annuity

QKA = Qualified 401k Administrator

QLAC = Qualified Lifetime Annuity Contract or Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contract

QMAC = Qualified Matching Contribution

QNEC = Qualified Non-Elective Contribution

QOSA = Qualified Optional Survivor Annuity

QPA = Qualified Pension Administrator

QPAM = Qualified Professional Asset Manager

QPDA = Qualified Plan Distributed Annuity

QPFC = Qualified Plan Financial Consultant

QPLO = Qualified Plan Loan Offset

QPSA = Qualified Pre=retirement Survivor Annuity

QSAT = Questionnaire Self-Audit Tool

QSLOB = Qualified Separate Lines of Business

QTA = Qualified Termination Administrator

QTIP = Qualified Terminable Interest Property

RAP = Remedial Amendment Procedure

RBD = Required Beginning Date

REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust

RFI = Request for Information

RFP = Request for Proposal

RIA = Registered Investment Advisor

RIG = Retirement Income Generator

RMD = Required Minimum Distribution

RPA = Retirement Plans Associate

RPF = Responsible Plan Fiduciaries

RRIF = Registered Retirement Income Fund (Canada)

SAR = Summary Annual Report

SARSEP = Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan

SBJCA = Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010

SBJPA = Small Business Job Protection Act

SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States

SCP = Self-Correction Program

SDBA = Self-Directed Brokerage Account

SECURE = Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019

SEP = Simplified Employee Pension

SEPP = Substantially Equal Periodic Payment

SHMAC = Safe Harbor Match Contribution

SHNEC = Safe Harbor Non-Elective Contribution

SIMPLE = Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (of Small Employers)

SMM = Summary of Material Modifications

SPD = Summary Plan Description

SSA = Social Security Administration

SSN = Social Security Number

SSP = State-Based Savings Programs

TAA = Tactical Asset Allocation

TAMRA = Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act

TCJA = Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

TDF = Target-Date Fund

TEFRA = Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act

TFSA = Tax-Free Savings Account (Canada)

TPA = Third Party Administrator

TRA = Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997

TRO = Total Retirement Outsourcing

TSA = Tax-sheltered Annuity

UPIA = Uniform Prudent Investment Act

USERRA = Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

VFCP = Voluntary Fiduciary Compliance Program

VIA = Variable Immediate Annuity

VRU = Voice Response Unit

VS = Volume Submitter

WFTRA = Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004

WRERA = The Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008

YOS = Year of Service

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